Where spiritually and glam collide

Hi My name is London and I am the creator of a divine fashion accessories line called 77Spark. The tag line for 77Spark is ” when spirituality and glam collide.” 77, which means to expect miracles and spark, means to inspire. As a self proclaimed fashionista, I wanted to rep my spirituality without compromising the fashion.IMG_8367.PNG It all started one day while browsing around in store and I saw these sparkly bracelets. Then the thought came to mind that it would be great to have bracelets that matched my spiritual walk, energy and style. There were some brands out there that I purchased before , but I never saw anything on the market that connected to me on another level. So there was my sparkle moment – I have to create it. Whether you are looking for something new or you’re looking to make a statement, 77Spark has you magically covered. I hope you enjoy the creations that I believe were led to me and now I share with you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Until then, L.N.B


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