Bare Necessities

The Earth mini cross Chaka bracelet symbolizes earth, dependability, stability, humility, sophistication, consideration, animals, foundations, orderly and reliability. I enjoy wearing it with jeans or a cute outfit when I want to feel extra boho chic. The characteristics of this boho chic design will make you feel elegant, lovable and safe.
I really enjoyed making this bracelet for the girly girl who wanted to flaunt her pretty softer side, yet wanted to represent her spiritual side as well.
 ” Cotton Candy, ” is yummy and very versatile. Pink, is symbolic with filling the heart with universal and self-love. It offers hope for the best in all things, energy focus: it promotes Love, compassion, universal consciousness and emotional balance. With the just the right amount of sparkle, this must have will compliment any attire. Dress it up or down, ” Cotton Candy” will sweeten your mood and leave a yummy lasting impression. ,” Cotton Candy” will make you feel powerful, lovable, sweet and evolved.   Bare Necessities

Cotton sarong

J Crew j crew swimsuit
$130 –

Charlotte Russe sexy sandals


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